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Stephen Grenville

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    Commentary: Trump's tariff tussle and the damage to Pax Americana

    Given America’s cherished belief in free enterprise, Washington should be delighted its rival is handicapping itself instead of imposing new ...
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    Commentary: US-China rivalry an old-fashioned security clash, not about trade or economics

    The challenge might seem to be arising from China’s economic behaviour on the surface but that's not the case, says Stephen Grenville.
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    Commentary: The great US-China arm wrestle over trade and globalisation

    Lowy Institute's Stephen Grenville takes a look at what motivates President Donald Trump's economic policy towards China in recent months.
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    Commentary: Trump tariffs have barely perceptible impact on the world

    US President Donald Trump is probably harming the global economy more with his company tax cuts than his tariff increases, says one observer.
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    Commentary: The future of work looks like unwanted jobs and higher inequality

    Gigs, pointless roles and jobs that add little value count among the outcomes we can look forward to in contemplating the future of work, says one ...