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Tom McGregor

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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    Commentary: No, Xi Jinping’s speech wasn’t about the US or Donald Trump

    China, the Chinese government and many Chinese citizens are not “Trump obsessed”, says Tom McGregor.
  2. North Catholic Cathedral in Beijing.

    Commentary: China doesn’t deserve its bad rep over Christmas

    Many countries around the world don’t list Christmas as a public holiday yet China is commonly singled out, says Tom McGregor.
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    Commentary: A year on, China’s 'Ice Boy' a media superstar, but a generation of left-behind children remain forgotten

    It is heartwarming to see Wang Fuman living a better life today but the story for others who suffer from the same plight isn’t as warm and fuzzy, ...
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    Commentary: Don’t expect a reprieve as China comes down hard on Canadian drug suspect

    The pressure to wind back Canadian Robert Lloyd Schellenberg’s death sentence will only increase but the Chinese government will likely uphold its ...
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    Commentary: Has Apple seen the last of its glory days in China?

    The Chinese market has had a taste of Apple’s luxury iPhones – and now its middle class is shifting towards home-grown brands especially Huawei, ...
  6. Mahathir Mohamad

    Commentary: The impasse over the East Coast Rail Link is hurting Malaysia’s credibility

    This domestically driven flip-flopping also dents other countries’ desire to cooperate with Malaysia, says Tom McGregor.
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    Commentary: Durians, blockchain and politics - inside the choppy world of Chinese investors in Malaysia

    The Chinese business community in Malaysia has weathered the storm of politically charged public sentiment since the Pakatan Harapan swept into ...
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    Commentary: What’s behind China’s swift action to ground Boeing 737 MAX flights?

    The move comes as China seeks to develop its aviation industry, says Beijing-based commentator Tom McGregor.
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    Commentary: Huawei still the standard bearer for 5G

    Europe’s tepid response to 5G this week was a coup to the Chinese tech giant. Still, the West risks getting left behind if they slow down on 5G ...
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    Commentary: After a daring mission, more help for firefighters, China’s true heroes

    After a harrowing blaze, authorities have announced overdue plans to boost China’s fire-fighting capabilities, says China commentator Tom McGregor.