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Tom McGregor

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. In 2008, Yang Dezhi was designated a 'Red Army primary school' -- funded by China's

    Commentary: Why China is making a strong push for financial literacy in schools

    Real estate bubbles have led policymakers to think more deeply about how to prepare a population for a Chinese economy more open to foreign ...
  2. Hong Kong marked 20 years since it was handed over to China on Jul 1, 2017

    Commentary: A spirit of pessimism hovers over Hong Kong, one of the least happy places in the world

    What is behind Hong Kong’s infamous reputation as one of the world’s unhappiest places? China commentator Tom McGregor takes a deep dive into the ...
  3. Photos circulating on social media show damaged Samsung Galaxy Fold phones

    Commentary: Samsung’s gigantic mistake over the Galaxy Fold

    The Galaxy Fold was just a blunder in timing, says China commentator Tom McGregor.
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    Commentary: While the swine flu pounds China’s pork industry, meat eaters must stay calm

    Some estimates suggest almost four in 10 pigs in China may be culled by the time the country completes its purge of swine flu, says Tom McGregor.
  5. China elderly

    Commentary: China’s chief conundrum - how to look after the world’s fastest ageing population

    Without a baby boom, China is heading towards an economic stall, says China commentator Tom McGregor. Still, automation may be a solution.
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    Commentary: China will not abandon Huawei

    The company wasn’t caught blindsided by the White House, says China commentator Tom McGregor.
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    Commentary: China’s threat to curb rare earths is a lot of bark but might not bite

    It's understandable why China retaliated, after the US seemed to have targeted Huawei, says China commentator Tom McGregor.
  8. Patrick Shanahan and Wei Fenghe meet before the start of their meeting in Singapore

    Commentary: The US, China, a security dilemma and a way out in Singapore

    If there is any bright spot from this year’s Shangri-La Dialogue, it’s the realisation that a small country like Singapore can play a useful ...
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    Commentary: Beijing stockpiles on gold to hedge against potential economic downturn

    Is China’s move a power play to displace the US dollar as the global currency of exchange or a tactical move to strengthen its hand before Xi ...
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    Commentary: Buying a car has lost its lustre in China

    Many automakers have seen sales plunge in China last year but bright sparks remain in the electric vehicle industry where the numbers are on an ...