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    Commentary: China will not abandon Huawei

    The company wasn’t caught blindsided by the White House, says China commentator Tom McGregor.
  2. China elderly

    Commentary: China’s chief conundrum - how to look after the world’s fastest ageing population

    Without a baby boom, China is heading towards an economic stall, says China commentator Tom McGregor. Still, automation may be a solution.
  3. Molly Zhao Yusi

    Commentary: This Asian obsession with Ivy League schools has got to stop

    The academic prep scene in China - a mix of boarding institutions, prep schools and coaching classes - has been brimming with activity over the ...
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    Commentary: While the swine flu pounds China’s pork industry, meat eaters must stay calm

    Some estimates suggest almost four in 10 pigs in China may be culled by the time the country completes its purge of swine flu, says Tom McGregor.
  5. Photos circulating on social media show damaged Samsung Galaxy Fold phones

    Commentary: Samsung’s gigantic mistake over the Galaxy Fold

    The Galaxy Fold was just a blunder in timing, says China commentator Tom McGregor.
  6. Hong Kong marked 20 years since it was handed over to China on Jul 1, 2017

    Commentary: A spirit of pessimism hovers over Hong Kong, one of the least happy places in the world

    What is behind Hong Kong’s infamous reputation as one of the world’s unhappiest places? China commentator Tom McGregor takes a deep dive into the ...
  7. In 2008, Yang Dezhi was designated a 'Red Army primary school' -- funded by China's

    Commentary: Why China is making a strong push for financial literacy in schools

    Real estate bubbles have led policymakers to think more deeply about how to prepare a population for a Chinese economy more open to foreign ...
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    Commentary: After a daring mission, more help for firefighters, China’s true heroes

    After a harrowing blaze, authorities have announced overdue plans to boost China’s fire-fighting capabilities, says China commentator Tom McGregor.
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    Commentary: Huawei still the standard bearer for 5G

    Europe’s tepid response to 5G this week was a coup to the Chinese tech giant. Still, the West risks getting left behind if they slow down on 5G ...
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    Commentary: What’s behind China’s swift action to ground Boeing 737 MAX flights?

    The move comes as China seeks to develop its aviation industry, says Beijing-based commentator Tom McGregor.