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  1. Mother's Day gift guide 2021 HERO

    28 – yes, 28 – Mother’s Day gift ideas for every price point (that aren't flowers)

    With this extensive list of beauty and fashion suggestions, "I don't know what to get her" won't be a viable excuse. Send our regards to Mum.
  2. Glowfully beauty brand founder Charlene Sim

    This Singaporean started a beauty brand to give women a cleaner, safer alternative

    After dealing with acne and eczema as a young woman – and later caring for her mother stricken with breast cancer – Charlene Sim decided to say no ...
  3. 9 celebs beauty advice from their mother HERO

    These 9 celebrities share the best beauty advice from their mothers

    Find out how Wendy Jacobs schooled her model-singer daughter Iman on the finer points of skincare, how Ann Kok’s mum saved her from a “turkey ...
  4. Black fashion feature MAIN

    Back to black: The modern little black dress reigns supreme in all occasions

    Tis the season for the LBD. From sexy to classic to athleisure, CNA Lifestyle presents five looks that will steal the attention in any room.
  5. A woman wearing lipstick

    Lipstick secrets to help you look younger at your next Zoom meeting

    Did you know that the way you put on lipstick can take years off your appearance? Get your (youthful) game face on with these tips.
  6. How to wear lipstick under a face mask: Chinese celebrity Elaine Chong Chuxi

    Going out? How to wear lipstick under a face mask without messing it up

    Yes, there’s a point to wearing one if you’ll be out socialising – and you can look years younger, too, while you’re at it.
  7. Zoe Tay feature MAIN

    Zoe Tay would like you to know that beauty has nothing to do with age

    Yes, she’s 50 and she’s no longer sample size – but so what? The reigning queen of Singapore television has never been more confident, as these ...
  8. Phyllis Quek HERO

    Phyllis Quek's inside-out beauty approach to looking ageless

    The 47-year-old actress and recording artiste reveals her secret to looking young.
  9. Costume jewellery for sensitive skin HERO

    Here’s why certain types of jewellery can cause your sensitive skin to flare up

    Should you be avoiding costume jewellery and stick to gold ones? Here’s a quick explainer on which types suit you best.
  10. Singaporean celebrities Rebecca Lim, Zoe Tay, Nadya Hutagalung and Jesseca Liu

    Shopping for shoes? Style cues from Zoe Tay, Rebecca Lim, Jeanette Aw and more

    You’ll need a nice new pair for when it’s time to step out into the world once more. Time to take some cues from your favourite celebrities.