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  1. A woman with soap in her hand

    That facial soap bar might be better for your skin than liquid cleansers

    It has a reputation for leaving you with dry skin, but soaps actually have fewer preservatives and chemicals compared to cleansers, according to ...
  2. Women working out in Under Armour Meridian tights

    Your leggings too sheer or tight? How to choose the right one for the gym or yoga class

    Roll-down waistbands and the embarrassing possibility of the dreaded camel toe – activewear makers reveal tips and tricks for avoiding these ...
  3. A woman's hand being nourished by hand moisturiser

    Is frequent washing making your hands dry and chapped? These creams will help

    Like your face, your hands are prone to premature ageing. So if you’ve been washing them more often these days, it might be best to apply some ...
  4. Dilireba HERO

    One of China’s most beautiful stars reveals her anti-ageing secrets

    Actress Dilraba Dilmurat (or Dilireba), who stars in Three Lives, Three Worlds: The Pillow Book and is the face of Clarins, knows it’s her job to ...
  5. An illustration of a woman with dark eye circles

    What causes dark eye circles? And what’s the best way to get rid of these?

    Sleeping habits, ageing and how thin your skin is are some of the causes of your under-eye woes. But while you can’t completely avoid these, ...
  6. Beauty tools and devices HERO

    No time to visit the beauty parlour? Banish skin woes in a snap with these DIY gadgets

    You can now roll, zap and tap your way to better skin no matter where you are with these salon-grade devices. And it only takes 10 minutes or even ...
  7. An assortment of wallets

    Thinking of getting a new wallet for Chinese New Year? Here are our top picks

    Some believe it’s a symbolic way to build wealth and enhance luck. But even if you don’t, these still look pretty stylish.
  8. Women having drinks

    Too much to drink? Here’s how to fight dry hangover skin and a puffy face

    Do you really want to usher in 2020 looking tired and ruddy? We didn't think so. Follow these simple steps to make up for last night's overindulgence.
  9. A close up of Hong Kong celebrity Sammi Cheng

    How to wear party makeup when you’re older – and not look like you’re trying hard

    Mature women are often advised to avoid these, but it can be done. Singapore’s celebrity makeup artists offers handy tips on how to do it.
  10. A Chinese woman with beautiful skin

    Got dry skin but no time for a facial? These hydration sheet masks are just as good

    With these, all you need is 15 minutes to fight wrinkles, eliminate dark spots and lighten skin tone at the same time.