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  1. how to cure adult acne

    Suffer from adult acne? The solution might be to mask those angry zits away

    The best way to deal with acne breakouts is not to drown out zits with harsh chemicals but by gently nursing skin inflammation back to health.
  2. Estee Lauder ANR Intense Reset Concentrate MAIN

    Face value: It is now possible to soothe sensitive, irritable skin in just one hour

    CNA Lifestyle went to Milan to road test Estee Lauder’s new Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate. Colour us impressed.
  3. A collection of facial oils that targets beauty problems such as acne, fine lines and dehyration

    Battling acne, fine lines or dehydration? A facial oil may be what you need

    You’re literally one facial oil away from a radiant glow. All you need is to find the right formula to treat the beauty concern plaguing you.
  4. pat mcgrath makeup line is now available in singapore

    The world's most influential makeup artist has launched her products in Singapore

    Makeup junkies will recognise the name Pat McGrath (personally approved by Anna Wintour). These are the five new-to-town beauty brands you should ...
  5. A woman looking out at sea

    Sun protection for darker skin tones – yes, there’s a difference

    Is that sunscreen you’re using leaving an obvious white residue on the skin? We’ve got you covered with these sun care products more suitable for ...
  6. Scalp care HERO

    Will washing your hair every day get rid of your dandruff problem?

    If followed properly, a daily haircare regimen can help reverse your issue with dry, itchy scalp and those little white flakes. And here are some ...
  7. Beauty tools and devices HERO

    No time to visit the beauty parlour? Banish skin woes in a snap with these DIY gadgets

    You can now roll, zap and tap your way to better skin no matter where you are with these salon-grade devices. And it only takes 10 minutes or even ...
  8. Tie Dye hero

    Tie-dye is back and Crazy Rich Asians’ Constance Lau shows us how to work it

    The former hippie trend is experiencing a revival of sorts, with designers reimagining it for contemporary times. What's the best way to pull it off?
  9. Clarins V shaping facial lift Zhong Chuxi

    Testing out the serum that's meant to lift and contour your face in minutes

    CNA Lifestyle was in Shanghai to put Clarins’ new V Shaping Facial Lift contouring serum to the test. Spoiler alert: It works.
  10. Foundation Main

    Are you making these common mistakes with your foundation? Help is here

    Too light? Too cakey? Too much? Here's expert advice so you can understand your skin type and get the basics rights for a bright, natural look.