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  1. Denim rules for 2020 HERO

    Time to replace your skinny jeans and jeggings – here are the latest denim trends

    You can finally stop holding your breath while putting on that tight pair. Shopping for denim these days is a lot more inclusive. Here’s a list of ...
  2. Cool running shoes for women HERO

    The 8 best running shoes for women who want to look good while exercising

    If you’re going out for a run, consider slipping on one of these eight cool kicks that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are fit for your workout.
  3. How to get bambi lashes using mascara HERO

    Mascara tips from Gong Li’s makeup artist: How to make your short lashes look longer

    Yuan Sng, whose clientele includes the Chinese actress and others such as Zhao Wei and Isabella Rosselini, explains how you can achieve “Bambi ...
  4. How to wear lipstick under a face mask: Chinese celebrity Elaine Chong Chuxi

    Going out? How to wear lipstick under a face mask without messing it up

    Yes, there’s a point to wearing one if you’ll be out socialising – and you can look years younger, too, while you’re at it.
  5. How chanel got her interlocking Cs HERO

    Know your fashion: The unofficial love story behind Chanel’s famous logo

    Thought the interlocking Cs stood for “Coco Chanel”? The French label’s iconic design might have something to do with an English aristocrat – and ...
  6. What's in your bag HERO

    Not just masks: Essential items you'll need in your bag during the new normal

    If you’re going out, bring a bigger bag with you – you’ll need more than just a credit card and a house key to keep you safe at all times from ...
  7. How to shop online for a bespoke perfume Chanel No 5

    No perfume testers, no problem: How to shop for bespoke scents online

    Testing beauty products is still a no-go. But unlike lipsticks or foundation on-sight, buying perfumes can be trickier. Here are some tips if ...
  8. A woman wearing a medical face mask

    Is that face mask causing your sensitive skin to break out? A doctor's helpful tips

    Wearing one is the new normal – but our skin might not be used to it. CNA Lifestyle has a step-by-step guide – and yes, you can still wear makeup.
  9. How to fight the lower jowl sag

    Beauty tips: How to tighten those sagging cheeks and have a sharper jawline

    The dreaded lower jowl sag is a sign of premature ageing. Here’s how ladies can take matters into their own hands – with help from some handheld ...
  10. Singaporean celebrities Rebecca Lim, Zoe Tay, Nadya Hutagalung and Jesseca Liu

    Shopping for shoes? Style cues from Zoe Tay, Rebecca Lim, Jeanette Aw and more

    You’ll need a nice new pair for when it’s time to step out into the world once more. Time to take some cues from your favourite celebrities.