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  1. What to buy this month

    The Men’s Edit: 5 stylish items to raise your style game in October

    You work hard for the money. You like nice things. Go ahead and spoil yourself.
  2. 5 ways to wear a striped tee Hero

    The striped tee is the single most versatile wardrobe staple — we have five ways to prove it

    Earning your fashion stripes has never been easier.
  3. The men's edit NOV18 main

    The Men’s Edit: 5 stylish items to raise your style game in November

    Listen up boys, it’s time to stand out from the crowd.
  4. Mens red COLOURED DENIM

    Men: How to pull off the colour red this Chinese New Year and look great

    Who says wearing the scarlet hue has to scream “red alert”? We show you how to rock this auspicious colour in style.
  5. Mens Eyewear Main

    Men's styling hack: The right eyewear is the easiest way to score compliments

    With the right pair, you can be the debonair gentleman, the intellectual, the cool dude, or just about anyone you want to be.
  6. Mens Cardigan MAIN

    The cardigan elevates your dapper style – just ask Hyun Bin and Song Joong Ki

    There's nothing old-fashioned or dowdy about this K-idol style staple. CNA Lifestyle pulls together five looks to demonstrate how to wear the ...
  7. Men slimming (1)

    Men: The simple style rules for dressing to look slimmer than you are

    Styling tricks and hacks that can help you look like you’ve lost weight with no skin off your back.
  8. Bold shirt for men HERO

    The printed shirt takes you from street casual to cocktail formal this party season

    Think you can't get much mileage out of a colourful printed shirt? Wrong. Here's how to wear one shirt in five different styles.
  9. The Men's Edit DEC main

    The Men’s Edit: 5 must-have items to raise your style game in December

    It's the season of giving – and that includes to yourself. It’s time to blow that year-end bonus.
  10. Men fashion trends Fall Winter 2018

    Men: Here’s a roundup of the best Fall/Winter 2018 trends you must know

    Freshen up your wardrobe with checks, stripes, browns, loud prints and even inspiration from the Wild West - Clint Eastwood swagger not included.