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  1. 80s Fashion Sheila Sim

    Appropriating the time of our lives: The enduring appeal of 80s fashion

    What is it about the 80s that inspires unending devotion today? Actress Sheila Sim stars in CNA Luxury's tribute to a fascinating era of fashion ...
  2. Style Switch Haslinda Hasim MAIN

    How to have fun with traditional attire using modern prints and colours

    Events company manager Haslinah Hasim enjoys her abayas and skirts but wants to liven up her wardrobe. Time for CNA Lifestyle's Style Switch makeover.
  3. Style Switch Visa Main

    Taking this creative mind out of T-shirts and slippers to match his career

    Entrepreneur Visakan Veerasamy subconsciously shied away from special occasions because he didn't have the right clothes. It's CNA Lifestyle's ...
  4. Style Switch Jean Tham Hero

    Style Switch: Helping this mother-of-two get in touch with her feminine side once more

    At 56, Jean Tham wants to start ‘living for herself’ and with a little help from a Style Switch makeover, she’s now at the start of her ...
  5. Style Switch Sirfan main

    Style Switch: Getting this educator to venture beyond an all-black wardrobe

    CNA Lifestyle helps children’s drama teacher Sirfan Sulaimi brighten up his wardrobe with clothes that work for both teaching a class and meeting ...
  6. Style Switch Swarnima MAIN

    Style Switch makeover: From traditional and comfy to Priyanka Chopra-inspired

    Tech recruiter Swarnima Korde thinks her dressing sense is too “safe” and wants to shake things up. CNA Lifestyle’s Style Switch team comes to the ...
  7. Demi-couture Hero

    The allure of demi-couture: Halfway between pret-a-porter and haute couture

    The fashion world is seeing a growing market for accessible yet unique couture pieces. What’s the future for demi-couture?
  8. Utility Fashion 2

    Make cargo pants sexy again: The perennial appeal of Utilitarian Fashion

    The style was born out of necessity in the 1940s. Now, hardly a season goes by without utilitarian fashion sailing into stores around the world.
  9. The return of elegance in fashion hero 2

    Ugly Fashion is on its way out. All hail the return to elegance, hurrah!

    We may not be completely rid of giant jackets yet, but at least platform Crocs are safely a thing of the past…wait, what’s this 032 x Birkenstock ...
  10. Hero

    Fifty Shades Of Yay: In times of doom and gloom, fashion fights back in colourful ways

    Fashion’s greatest appeal is the sheer escapism it offers both buyers and beholders, with this season’s runways and red carpets not short on ...