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  1. Chris Lee of multidisciplinary agency Asylum

    Creative Capital: The man behind National Gallery Singapore's logo and why he's a hit

    Creative director Chris Lee of Asylum combined graphic design with interior design – and made it a winning formula for 20 years.
  2. The make-believe world of childhood fantasy

    Fun and games: This is how you level up in parenting

    In this week’s Chubby Hubby, Portly Papa column, Aun Koh discusses the importance of learning by heart the names of Disney princesses and getting ...
  3. Justin Lim of Tsuri Custom Concere.

    Creative Capital: The man who turns boring concrete into beautiful furniture in Singapore homes

    From countertops to tables and sinks, Justin Lim has been redefining what concrete can be at home with his company Tsuri Custom Concrete.
  4. Physical activity for kids hero

    On the timetable for the day: Scheduled physical activity time for the kids

    In this week’s Chubby Hubby, Portly Papa column, Aun Koh talks about the importance of physical activity and free play for children.
  5. Creative Capital Alvan Koh

    Creative Capital: How this former banker-teacher became a woodworker that handcrafts heirloom furniture

    Alvan Koh is on a mission to build a community of Japanese woodcraft enthusiasts here in Singapore.
  6. Portly Papa Girl power

    Girl power: Why it's important for young girls to have heroes

    In this week’s Chubby Hubby, Portly Papa column, Aun Koh wants to make sure his daughter can kick ass and take names.
  7. JHOKnives Jefferson Ho 1

    Creative Capital: The man who designs cutting-edge knives that sell beyond Singapore

    Jefferson Ho gave up an almost two-decade-long career in advertising to set up Singapore’s first artisan knife company.
  8. Portly papa No more home delivery Hero

    Getting your kids to appreciate homecooking starts with Deliveroo

    In this week’s Chubby Hubby, Portly Papa column, Aun Koh rediscovers the joy of cooking for the children.
  9. Singaporean ceramic artist and educator Elizabeth Gan

    Creative Capital: The ceramic artist who wants Singaporeans to embrace the beauty of time through handmade things

    Pottery – and craft in general – is experiencing a revival. And ceramicist and educator Elizabeth Gan, the person behind School of Clay Arts, is ...
  10. Creative Capital Eric Siow Eatsleeplay

    The Singapore ad man who quit his job to play with leather at 51

    After running his own ad shop for a decade, Eric Siow now keeps his creative juices flowing by creating watch straps and phone covers with his ...