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  1. Creative Capital - PINKSALT founders

    Creative Capital: This Singapore duo makes swimwear you can wear every day

    How Belinda Lee and Ng Su May of PINKSALT created modest yet stylish and versatile swimwear and resort wear that wouldn't look out of place when ...
  2. Creative Capital Fahmy Ismail Kerbside & Co

    Creative Capital: The Singapore denim label with fans across the world

    Fahmy Ismail's lifelong love of denim culminated in starting up his own label, Kerbside&Co, which is all about vintage Americana and slow fashion.
  3. Creative Capital Ten Butter Fingers

    Creative Capital: She's a corporate trainer by day, superhero baker by night

    Jenny Lie, aka Ten Butter Fingers, makes some of Singapore’s most delicious and sought-after cakes – when she's not busy at work.
  4. Creative Capital Umami Doll Janice Yong (1)

    Creative Capital: The Singaporean mum who handcrafts the wonder of childhood

    Janice Yong’s custom creations are designed to make you feel young at heart – and she's selling them to collectors around the world at over ...
  5. Olivia Lee

    The woman putting Singapore industrial design on the map

    At 34, industrial designer Olivia Lee is already on the watch list of design publications around the world. Dream wildly, she says, and make it a ...
  6. Chris Lee of multidisciplinary agency Asylum

    Creative Capital: The man behind National Gallery Singapore's logo and why he's a hit

    Creative director Chris Lee of Asylum combined graphic design with interior design – and made it a winning formula for 20 years.
  7. Creative Capital - Illustrator Lee Kow Fong

    Creative Capital: How this illustrator and children's book author dreams big in Singapore

    What began as a blog grew into a career for lecturer Lee Kow Fong, who creates charming, child-like worlds that capture the imaginations of both ...
  8. Tempeh Culture - making tempeh

    Creative Capital: The foodie bringing communities together with tempeh

    This food writer has tapped on his cultural heritage to promote a plant-based food business that is good for you and even better for the environment.
  9. DPLMT

    Creative Capital: Jazzing up old neighbourhoods and brands with street art

    Singaporean creative collective DPLMT (pronounced "diplomat") is responsible for the wall murals you see at *Scape, on brands such as Adidas, and ...
  10. Creative Capital - Miya Chong, Saltwater Atelier

    Creative Capital: The Singaporean who elevates soap to bathroom art

    Coming from a single-parent family didn't stop Saltwater Atelier’s Miya Chong, 28, a mother of three, from pursuing her passion in handcrafted bar ...