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  1. Creative Capital - Chin Shiying of Senkoubou

    Creative Capital: The leathersmith who doesn't accept orders for impulse buys

    You won't find samples in Chin Shiying's Senkoubou, a leather-goods atelier that only starts making after an order has been received – and after ...
  2. Namita Mehra of Indian Spicebox at a roadside spice stall

    Creative Capital: The woman helping to feed children through spice boxes

    Namita Mehra is the founder of Indian Spicebox, which offers quality spices in well-thought-out packages. She pays it forward by partnering with ...
  3. The Singapore mermaid

    Creative Capital: Singapore’s first professional mermaid not only performs but also teaches

    Cara Neo is a mermaid, teacher and owner of two companies. She also started the Singapore Mermaid School which, she says, is the first in the ...
  4. Rachel Lee and Marcus Tan, aka dance duo ScRach MarcS

    Creative Capital: The husband-and-wife dance duo with the right moves in Singapore

    Marcus Tan and Rachel Lee are the nimble-footed behind ScRach MarcS. And after conquering the dancefloor, they’re setting their sights on even ...
  5. Creative Capital - Miya Chong, Saltwater Atelier

    Creative Capital: The Singaporean who elevates soap to bathroom art

    Coming from a single-parent family didn't stop Saltwater Atelier’s Miya Chong, 28, a mother of three, from pursuing her passion in handcrafted bar ...
  6. Kelley Cheng

    Creative Capital: How a ‘modern-day polymath’ put Singapore on the world design map

    "Jill-of-all-trades" Kelley Cheng looks back at two decades of promoting and leading Singapore’s design industry.
  7. Jackson Aw at work at his desk

    Creative Capital: The 'designpreneur' making his fortune in collectible toys

    30-year-old Jackson Aw loved toys as a child. Today, he's turning that love into big business with collectible works of art.
  8. Singaporean illustrator Dan Wong of A Good Citizen

    Creative Capital: The Singaporean artist drawing wild reactions for his strange illustrations

    You might have seen his commercial works for SG50 and SMRT, but A Good Citizen’s Dan Wong’s personal illustrations are even more compelling.
  9. Priscilla Tan interior design

    Creative Capital: How a self-taught Singaporean fashion designer got into the business of interior design

    Priscilla Tan is now winning fans through her interior design business STYLEDBYPT  
  10. DPLMT

    Creative Capital: Jazzing up old neighbourhoods and brands with street art

    Singaporean creative collective DPLMT (pronounced "diplomat") is responsible for the wall murals you see at *Scape, on brands such as Adidas, and ...