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  1. New Content Item

    Commentary: Should you buy a Christmas gift for your child’s teacher?

    Gift giving in schools can turn into a crazy, competitive endeavour for parents, says Financial Times' editor Claer Barrett.
  2. Job search depression (1)

    Commentary: Worried about money? It's not just you

    This COVID-19 season, many think their money problems are not great enough to justify asking for help, says Claer Barrett.
  3. Smartphone user

    Commentary: Don't carry your bank cards with your mobile phone

    A near-miss with a robber prompts Financial Times' Claer Barrett to rethink the way she manages her finances, cards and accounts.
  4. A man tired from working in the office. (Photo: Pixabay)

    Commentary: The curse of the to-do list and the burden of invisible admin in an already busy life

    The admin involved in running your life is neither appreciated nor compensated, but cannot be escaped, laments the Financial Times' Claer Barrett.
  5. A couple and their child at the seaside.

    Commentary: A tale of two bankers and modern parenting

    Working part-time for a few years while raising young children may not cost you much in financial terms but it will undoubtedly slow down your ...