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Joseph S. Nye

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    Commentary: China a country with great strengths, but also important weaknesses

    Any foreign policy strategy should avoid exaggerating either, says renowned political scientist Joseph Nye.
  2. Once people connect to a rogue Wi-Fi network, the hacker could see every email they send.

    Commentary: Deterrence, retaliation and arms control - a guide to tackling information warfare

    We need to rethink our constructs of cyberdefence and draw a red line between soft power of open persuasion and the hard power of covert ...
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    Commentary: Is the populist tide finally retreating?

    Populism sits uneasily with the trend of growing support for globalisation and immigration, says Professor Joseph Nye at Harvard.
  4. Donald Trump delivers an address from Oval office on Jan 8, 2019

    Commentary: US foreign policy comes under fire

    Trump’s foreign policy will come under increasing pressure this year after the Democrats gain control of the House, says Joseph Nye.
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    Commentary: The cooperative rivalry of US-China relations

    The US holds better strategic cards and need not succumb to Thucydidean fear, says Joseph Nye.
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    Commentary: China, Japan and Trump’s America an uncomfortable trio

    If the US and Japan maintain their alliance, they can shape the environment that China faces and help moderate its rising power, says famed ...