Biography of the Author Cheryl Tan

Cheryl Tan

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Workers in Singapore sorting through second-hand clothing to be exported.

    The true cost of demand for cheap clothes, to you and the environment

    It turns out that the fashion industry produces more carbon emissions than the airline and shipping industries combined. The programme Talking ...
  2. A serving of regular instant noodles surrounded by healthier versions.

    Are healthier instant noodles really healthy? After the hype come the checks

    The healthier versions of this traditional favourite have gained in popularity among consumers in Singapore. But are these alternatives just ...
  3. Regular soap, the antibacterial kind or an alcohol handwash? Talking Point puts them to the test.

    Is antibacterial soap better at killing germs, hands down?

    Since the Covid-19 outbreak, people have been encouraged to wash their hands for good hygiene. But what kind of cleaning agent works best? Talking ...
  4. The “temperature danger zone” for cooked food is between 5°C and 60°C.

    What’s being done to keep your catered food safe

    Ahead of the busy Chinese New Year period, Talking Point goes behind the scenes of a catering kitchen to find out what goes on with your food and ...
  5. TP processed food fish balls main

    Singapore’s fish balls could get unhealthier in the near future

    Is it just fish meat inside this hawker staple or is there more to it? The programme Talking Point tracks down the source of a key ingredient and ...
  6. The secrets of the success of chicken nuggets are revealed in this episode of Talking Point.

    What really is in the chicken nuggets you like so much

    Chicken nuggets have been newly ranked as Singaporeans’ favourite processed food, but are they made of real meat or just parts minced into a paste?
  7. Some foreign domestic workers have borrowed from moneylenders indiscriminately.

    Borrowing, brokering, lending: Inside the tangled web of maids and moneylenders

    With the spike in the number of foreign domestic workers borrowing from licensed moneylenders, some have found a lucrative side income while ...
  8. TP Maids CCTV 1

    Spying on maids with CCTV – where do we draw the line?

    As more employers embrace the use of surveillance cameras to monitor their household and maids, the programme Talking Point discusses if this ...
  9. With the circuit breaker over, safe distancing on public transport is said to be almost impossible.

    As Singapore reopens, public transport’s cleaning regime takes a safety test

    With ridership on trains and buses increasing, what is being done to safeguard commuters from the coronavirus, and are the measures enough? The ...