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Bjorn Lomborg

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    Commentary: Cutting carbon emissions is costly but refusing is costlier

    The world must respond to climate change by getting the price of future green energy below that of fossil fuels so that everyone can afford to ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: A coal-fired power plant is pictured near a construction site in Beijing

    Commentary: Power plants and poverty - do poor countries pay the price for climate change action?

    The World Bank’s climate focus is at odds with what the world’s poorest citizens want, says economist Bjorn Lomborg.
  3. Bushfires are common in Australia's arid southeast but spread far into the tropical northeast

    Commentary: Guess how many countries are meeting their climate change commitments

    Feel-good promises are easy politics, but they don’t actually help the planet
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    Commentary: Billions spent on aid and development but what has been achieved?

    Making every development dollar count requires us to take a good hard look at how much benefit each intervention programme reaps and prioritise ...
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    Commentary: Think twice when considering banning beef

    Eating meat is fast becoming as repellent as smoking to many green campaigners but reducing meat won’t make the dent in climate change we need, ...
  6. China smog road children

    Commentary: It's disingenuous for us to accept no or low growth

    There is something deeply disturbing about academics telling others to forgo the benefits they have enjoyed, says one observer.