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Shailey Hingorani

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Having wine at a gathering

    Commentary: Is drinking the problem in cases of sexual assault?

    Recent cases of sexual assault involving victims who were intoxicated should not excuse perpetrators for abusive behaviour, says AWARE’s Shailey ...
  2. People wearing mask at Orchard Road Singapore Feb 3 (49)

    Commentary: Here’s what women really want regarding gender equality

    As the Government looks to make gender equality a fundamental societal value, caregiving, employment and the sexual objectification of women ...
  3. A private-hire driver.

    Commentary: Does the ride-hailing industry have a sexual harassment problem?

    Despite efforts at making ride-hailing services safer for all, more can be done to improve safety for passengers and drivers, says AWARE’s Shailey ...
  4. Colleagues in the office

    Commentary: If mums are amazing, why do some workplaces discriminate against pregnant women?

    Extending protection even after maternity leave and strengthening wrongful dismissal penalties would be good first steps to making workplaces ...
  5. abuse shot

    Commentary: Isolated with your abuser? Why family violence seems to be on the rise during COVID-19 outbreak

    Family conflict and violence may see an uptick as the coronavirus outbreak fuels more social isolation measures, says Shailey Hingorani.
  6. HDB flats

    Commentary: The road to housing for single, unwed mothers is clearer but still bumpy

    Housing is arguably the most fundamental practical issue that unwed mothers must deal with, says Shailey Hingorani, Head of Research and Advocacy ...
  7. Reynhard Sinaga

    Commentary: Male victims of rape deserve support and understanding, not ridicule and disbelief

    News of an Indonesian man convicted of sexually assaulting over 100 men drew unkind comments which reveal a toxic set of beliefs, says Shailey ...
  8. Upskirt 03 voyeur crime - file photo

    Commentary: She’s practically asking for it? Do Singaporeans subscribe to rape myths?

    Surrounded by rape myths that undermine the seriousness of sexual assault, some survivors may hesitate to call their experiences sexual assault, ...
  9. senior citizen in wheelchair, with caregiver - singapore file photo (1)

    Commentary: Burden of caring for ageing parents weighs heaviest on unmarried daughters

    Women are expected to live well into their mid-80s, but many will find themselves unable to afford care in their old age when they are busy caring ...
  10. The case follows the announcement that Dutch authorities are prosecuting a doctor for euthanising an

    Commentary: Caregivers are getting some support but deserve more care

    Consider how financial payments for family care can address the economic consequences of family caregiving, and how their impact can be maximised ...