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Locknie Hsu

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  1. Goods and daily necessities like food arrive on vessels that depend on the work of commercial divers

    Commentary: COVID-19 emphasises the importance of Singapore’s free trade agreements

    It will help Singapore diversify source markets ensuring we have a smooth supply chain, says Professor Locknie Hsu.
  2. Singapore skyline (1)

    Commentary: Singapore trade, disrupted, (not) business as usual

    A troubling and potent mix of factors have reshaped the global trade landscape and created greater headwinds for Singapore businesses, says SMU’s ...
  3. Pioneering British engineer and founder of the Dyson company, James Dyson, plans to start building

    Commentary: Dyson’s Singapore car plant a tale of trade opportunities in turbulent times

    The EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement heralds a commitment on both sides to continue building trade opportunities and to keep trade flowing and ...