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Yu Yongding

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  1. The People's Bank of China on Wednesday fixed the yuan's central parity rate at 6.9996 per

    Commentary: China has been secretly struggling to stabilise the yuan

    Chinese policymakers are still worried about excessive depreciation, says China commentator Yu Yongding.
  2. FILE PHOTO: An attendent cleans the carpet next to U.S. and Chinese national flags in Beijing

    Commentary: Few options for China in next phase of Trump’s trade war

    China’s prospects for coping with financial sanctions, which the Trump administration is more likely to use, are bleak, says Yu Yongding.
  3. China has unveiled a narrower 'negative list', easing restrictions on foreign investment

    Commentary: What if China’s 6% growth is the new normal?

    It’s not easy for the country got to balance growth and needed structural adjustment, says Yu Yongding.
  4. FILE PHOTO: Illustration photo of U.S. Dollar and China Yuan notes

    Commentary: Unrealistic to expect the yuan to remain stable against the US dollar

    China can commit credibly not to keep the value of the yuan artificially low but should not promise to keep the exchange rate stable, says Yu ...
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    Commentary: China has outgrown the world market, needs to rebalance economy

    The trade war with the US might actually be a blessing in disguise, giving China the reason it needs to rebalance its economy, says Yu Yongding.