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Lincoln Mitchell

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    Commentary: The stalemate over US government shutdown has politically damaged the president

    Building a border wall will also backfire on Donald Trump as it does not address the problems anti-immigration activists want to see solved, says ...
  2. US President Donald Trump looks at the empty chair of top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer who along

    Commentary: Watch this, ignore that. A guide to US politics in 2019

    Recognising what might happen in the year ahead of the US politics can help us better anticipate the biggest political shifts in the year to come, ...
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    Commentary: For Speaker Pelosi, defining the job will be harder than winning it

    The argument over whether Nancy Pelosi should assume the Speaker of the House role misses the point, says writer Lincoln Mitchell.
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    Commentary: Trump supporters simply don't care about Mueller investigations

    Whatever Special Counsel Robert Mueller finds about Russia is unlikely to dramatically change support for US President Donald Trump, says one ...
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    Commentary: Why the Democrats didn’t do better in the midterms

    The blue wave that the Democrats were hoping for never came. Instead the midterm result was a "blue splash" and an ordinary outcome, says one ...