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  1. A nurse caring for a patient in a Philippine hospital.

    Underpaid and overworked, Philippine nurses would rather walk away than work at home

    They are a familiar sight in hospitals round the world, yet their country faces a nursing shortage. COVID-19 has exposed a healthcare system in ...
  2. At least eight in 10 probationers are under the age of 21. Some of them are electronically tagged.

    ‘I regret committing crime’: Inside the Probation Service and lives of youth offenders

    When the courts decide to keep young offenders out of jail, it is up to one team to find out how they can be rehabilitated. CNA gets an ...
  3. A child protection officer comforts an 11-year-old boy after he was separated from his father.

    'People might think we might be playing God': Inside the Child Protective Service

    These social workers face hostility from parents and backlash against their decisions — all to safeguard children who are abused or neglected. CNA ...
  4. Wen Zi Xu's Chinese language — and mum's close supervision — is taking a toll on him.

    Parents know best, or do they? In today’s Asia, the dilemmas of overparenting

    The end goal is successful children. But trying to give them a head start in life can be a struggle in a fast-changing, competitive world, as the ...
  5. There are over 1,000 types of bananas worldwide, but the Cavendish variety is the big cash crop.

    The banana money trail: Prices rising in Singapore, but farmers not gaining

    The cost of bananas from the Philippines has shot up, but farmers are struggling with losses, so where is the money from consumers going to, ...
  6. FFS sugar cane main

    The harsh realities behind the rising sugar cane prices in Singapore

    With bad weather, small farms in danger of closing, larger ones downsizing and suppliers calling it quits, might Singaporeans even have to go ...
  7. The Philippines has seen a surge in beauty contests and pageant hopefuls in the past decade.

    After years of silence, the ugly truth behind beauty contests in Philippines

    From sexual propositions to social isolation to the illicit use of steroids, the programme Undercover Asia uncovers the dark underbelly of the ...