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  1. 5 often overlooked budgeting steps when renting in Singapore

    Renting in Singapore? Here are 5 budgeting steps that are often overlooked

    From utilities and transport to your property agent's commission, here's what to keep in mind when thinking about how much to spend on rent.
  2. 99co Lighting your home 1

    How to choose the right lighting for your home

    The best way to choose the right lighting for your home is to consider the purpose of each room, and then select lights accordingly.
  3. 99 co redecorating tips 1

    Six redecorating tips for rented homes that will not annoy the landlord

    How to make a space your own when you can't put down permanent roots
  4. How to maximise a small kitchen

    Tiny kitchen? Here's how to get the most out of a small cooking space

    Forget that kitchen island you think is pretty. These design ideas offer extra space and storage and they cost you next to nothing.
  5. Condominiums investment

    Real estate advice: How to invest in property when you're not a millionaire

    It's possible to get into property investments even if you don't have a few million dollars lying around – but you have to be prudent about it.
  6. Which type of flat is best investment

    Which type of HDB flat gives the best returns: 3-room, 4-room or 5-room?

    A look at the price movements of HDB flats over a period of 15 years – geographically – reveals some interesting trends.
  7. HDB resale flat

    Now may be the best time to buy a HDB resale flat – here’s why

    As prices fall, Housing and Development Board (HDB) resale flat transactions are on the rise, with 1,657 units sold last month, up from the 1,314 ...
  8. island home renovation choices that bust your budget CNA Lifestyle

    Budget busters: Common home renovation choices that break the bank

    Renovating your home with a fixed budget in mind? Think twice about whether you really need that kitchen island.
  9. Hero CPF

    Important things to know about using your CPF to buy a home  

    Did you know that you can use your CPF to pay for stamp duties and legal fees?