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  1. Illustration of two people holding up the roof of a house revealing money

    Minimum Occupancy Period: What you can do with your flat after the 5-year period ends

    The Minimum Occupancy Period or MOP means flat owners can’t sell or rent out their property for five years. But after that, there ways of either ...
  2. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

    A ‘castle’ foodcourt, a clock playground and other surprises at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio

    How much do you know about Bishan and Ang Mo Kio? Here’s a quick look at some things you might have overlooked in the neighbourhood.
  3. A spoonful of sugar

    Household tips on surprising uses for sugar around your home

  4. Showflat survival kit

    Viewing a showflat? Here's how to put together the ultimate survival kit

    If you're looking to outlast, outwit and outcompete the condominium-buying crowd, here are the must-haves to pack along with you.
  5. Kim Cheng HDB estate

    Is it really that bad an idea to buy a 40-year-old resale HDB flat?

    These flats are halfway through their lease. Are they worth the price?
  6. BTO or resale HDB HERO

    Should you buy a BTO or resale HDB flat? What to consider if you're a first-timer

    The classic newbie homebuyer's dilemma is whether to buy BTO or resale. Here's what to consider when making your decision.
  7. Overhead view of a co-working space

    Space invaders: Why more offices are giving way to co-working spaces

    Co-working spaces in Singapore may be in hot demand but the arena is dominated by the big boys.
  8. Overview shot of Potong Pasir

    Hipster central alert: Potong Pasir is shaping up to be the next Tiong Bahru

    It is not the neighbourhood of your ah gong's days but the next up-and-coming district awaiting a wave of gentrification. 
  9. Singapore cityscape

    Got S$500,000 to invest in property? Here’s what you can buy in Singapore and nearby cities

    An overseas home not only serves as a holiday home, it could also mean an extra source of income.
  10. Gardens By The Bay

    The best places to bring the whole family for a Mid-Autumn Festival lantern stroll

    Mid-Autumn Festival may be over but that doesn’t mean play time with lanterns has to be.