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  1. Condominium

    The 5 most overrated facilities found in condominiums

    The type of facilities can be a hint of your condominium's age.
  2. Outdoor balcony

    More than just plants: 6 ways to incorporate the outdoors into your home

    Be it extra space on your balcony, front porch or backyard, spruce things up with these outdoor features.
  3. Should you live on a high or low floor Hero

    Should you live on a high or low floor, based on your personality?

    If you’re stuck in the middle, here’s how to decide if you should go higher or lower.
  4. Save the animals home decor patrick-hendry unsplash

    Want to save the animals? These things in your home might not be helping

    If you’re concerned about issues such as animal testing and unethical farming, keep these guidelines in mind when you're decorating or redecorating.
  5. How to childproof your home HERO

    Childproofing 101: How to keep your home safe for your child

    A checklist that covers everything on where to position the crib to why it is important to install a carbon monoxide detector.
  6. Eco Friendly reno

    How to get your eco-friendly renovation ambition off the ground

    Don’t just say that you want to reduce your carbon footprint. Walk the talk by making smart, energy saving decisions.
  7. Moving house 99co

    Minimise the hassle of moving to a new house with these simple steps

    It’s never easy moving from one place to another. It can be tedious, tiring and, if you’re not organised, rather confusing. But all you need to do ...
  8. Renovation features

    Renovating your new home? Here are 5 popular features – and how much they cost

    From open concept living spaces to a bathtub, here are some of renovation features that seem to be on-trend among Singapore homeowners.
  9. Cat owner renting a place 99co hero unsplash-paul-hanaoka

    Looking to rent a place with your cat? Make sure you follow these steps

    From renting unfurnished properties to keeping that S$3,000 curtain away from kitty’s claws, here are things to keep both your cat and your ...
  10. Leaking ceiling neighbour property damage 99co 2

    Does your ceiling leak? What to do when a neighbour’s property damage spreads to yours

    Whether it’s a water leak or an electrical fire from next door or upstairs, it can be a headache trying to deal with your neighbours. But there ...