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  1. Terrace flats in Queenstown

    HDB terrace flats: What are they and where to find them?

    There are only 285 such landed flats in Singapore.
  2. Hand dropping coins into piggy bank

    7 simple energy-saving tips to reduce your monthly utility bills

    Energy-saving tips for your air-conditioner, laptop, washer and cooker hob that are easy to turn into habits and help you save money every month.
  3. Inside the clubhouse at Grand Duchess at St Patrick's

    6 unique condominiums in Singapore with conserved buildings

    Not many developments can boast of having a historical landmark for a clubhouse or even lofts for a lucky few.
  4. Buying leasehold condo HERO Wallich Residence

    The case for buying a 99-year leasehold condo – a better idea than freehold?

    A freehold property isn't always a superior option to a leasehold one. Here are the reasons why.
  5. Woman looking at laptop

    Virtual property tours: How to make sure you're making the best decision

    Is it a good idea to make property decisions based on remote viewings? If you're considering it, here are some pointers to help you out.
  6. 99co Swimming pools SKY HABITAT

    These are Singapore’s most spectacular condo swimming pools

    Talk about turning exercise from a downright chore to a sweet treat.
  7. House model sitting on pile of coins

    What savvy Singaporean homeowners do to score good property deals

    Local homeowners reveal how they choose the best unit, score good deals and save money.
  8. koon seng road peranakan houses

    Why shophouses are the most underrated properties in Singapore

    Shophouses hold good value, and boast both space and history. It's also cool to say you live in one.
  9. Villa Marina Condo

    5 condos in Singapore that make residents feel like they are on a permanent holiday 

    Living in these condominiums will “transport” you to another country in an instant.
  10. Property marketing cliches

    'Garden living', 'rare unit': Decoding 5 marketing cliches on property listings

    "Luxury", "private residential enclave", "garden living" ... do they sound familiar?