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  1. Democratic 2020 U.S. presidential candidate Sanders rallies with supporters in Winston-Salem

    Commentary: Bernie Sanders stands out in sea of US presidential candidates

    The self-described democratic socialist wants to fight inequality head-on, says Kaushik Basu.
  2. FILE PHOTO: A woman walks past an electronic board showing the stock market indices of various coun

    Commentary: Why economists are terrible at predicting the state of the economy

    Ailing economies and crumbling politics prompt big questions about the discipline’s foundations, says former World Bank chief economist Kaushik Basu.
  3. The big online firms Google and Facebook are the first of the major tech platforms to face antitrust

    Commentary: The US govt is getting closer to a plan to tame Big Tech

    US presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are right to call for stronger action to rein in powerful tech companies like ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: Libra logo in illustration picture

    Commentary: Why policymakers should fear Facebook’s Libra

    Calling for an immediate halt to Facebook’s Libra may not be the right move either, says former Chief Economist of the World Bank, Kaushik Basu.
  5. Chinese President Xi Jinping attends the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations in Beijing

    Commentary: China is just biding its time in this trade war

    If US persists with high tariffs for too long, it will end up ceding space in the global economy to China, says Kaushik Basu.
  6. A man holding his wallet.

    Commentary: Want to fight inequality? How about paying higher taxes first?

    Several of the super-rich, in the US and elsewhere, openly support the broad left and its objective of curbing extreme inequalities, says ...
  7. The OECD worries about trade conflicts hurting the world economy

    Commentary: The sorry state of the world economy

    Data released by World Bank paints a sad picture of the global economy’s short-term prospects but bright sparks remain in the developing world, ...
  8. Man traveling.

    Commentary: In a conflict-ridden world, one man’s thimbleful of optimism for 2019

    Being on the road over the last month has helped economist Kausik Basu gain newfound hope for geopolitics.
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    Commentary: We don't appreciate how lethal air pollution is because we don't have the data

    Not enough attention has been paid to collecting data collection and carrying out a detailed analysis of our air quality, says Kaushik Basu.