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  1. Ms Sook Tan initially took her retrenchment in her stride; bolstered by her overseas experience

    The Big Read: Amid the crisis of a generation, losing one’s job takes a heavy emotional and mental toll

    Psychologists and social workers spoken to said they are seeing more distressed individuals seeking help due to retrenchment or imminent job loss.
  2. Clarke Quay circuit breaker

    The Big Read: Life after circuit breaker - retail, entertainment and leisure won’t be the same again

    As Singapore begins to lift restrictions, businesses in the retail, entertainment and leisure sectors are already preparing to attract customers ...
  3. Local community group, StandUpForSG distributing messages of encouragement

    The Big Read: Panic buying grabbed the headlines, but a quiet resilience is seeing Singaporeans through COVID-19 outbreak

    Now that a sense of normalcy has returned, questions remained. What caused all that panic buying, which had left some quarters fuming and ...
  4. Retrenchment numbers in recent years remain relatively low

    The Big Read: Layoffs part and parcel of any business, but not all firms let workers go with dignity

    In the age of disruption where industries could be turned on their heads overnight, it could be said that workers need to be better prepared for ...
  5. Killer litter big read 1

    The Big Read: Singapore's high-rise littering problem - out of sight, out of mind

    More than 30 years after “killer litter” first entered the lexicon of heartlanders amid cases of people being injured by objects thrown from HDB ...
  6. Man in Singapore operates drone

    The Big Read: Rise of the drones — capable of good and evil, they pose a regulatory dilemma

    Experts and drone users say what's needed is a multi-prong approach to allow drone operators to fly their drones without worries of breaking the ...
  7. Queensway Shopping Centre 2

    The Big Read: Run-down but not out — old iconic shopping centres find a way into Singaporeans’ hearts

    Queensway, Tanjong Katong Shopping Centre and Peninsula Plaza - many have developed a unique identity and loyal following, while ...
  8. New Content Item

    The Big Read: As countries wage war on plastics, the jury's still out on how best to tackle the problem

    Beyond thinking about banning plastic bags, straws or other single-use plastics, experts say Singaporeans also need to review the effectiveness of ...