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Mohamed A El-Erian

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  1. Japan salarymen

    Commentary: The low-growth trap Japan is stuck in is spreading across the world

    We must recognise that the hurdles are a lot less technical, and a lot more political, says Mohamed A El-Erian
  2. Global stock markets have been roiled by the concerns over the consequences of the US-China trade

    Commentary: Growing scepticism over economists’ ability to predict the future

    We have witnessed a growing list of economic and financial phenomena that economists cannot readily explain, says Chief Economic Adviser at ...
  3. A snow-covered sign is seen in front of the congress centre, the venue of the World Economic Forum

    Commentary: Here's what an effective World Economic Forum looks like

    Here are three suggestions from Allianz's Chief Economic Adviser Mohamed A El-Erian to ensure more World Economic Forum participants get involved ...
  4. A EU flag is seen outside the EU Commission headquarters in Brussels

    Commentary: Don’t bank on Europe for growth in 2019

    European leaders seem unprepared to counter significant downward pressure on the EU’s growth potential beyond 2019, says Mohamed A El-Erian.