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  1. Foreign students in Australia will have to take a new official test of their language skills before

    Commentary: Learning another language has benefits - just not the economic kind

    Learning a foreign language becomes pointless in this era of global English and machine translation, says the Financial Times' Simon Kuper.
  2. Twelve of Europe's top football clubs launch a breakaway Super League

    Commentary: This new Super League will break football’s essential promise

    Proposal for breakaway group fails to grasp that clubs are more than for-profit businesses, says the Financial Times' Simon Kuper.
  3. The Manhattan skyline is seen during sunset from the Brooklyn borough of New York City, during the

    Commentary: The exodus of high-skilled jobs from superstar cities

    If you can do your job from anywhere, someone anywhere can do your job, says the Financial Times’ Simon Kuper.
  4. Virus Outbreak Japan Daily Life

    Commentary: Implications of ‘long COVID’ mean faster vaccination programmes needed now

    We need to spend whatever it takes on wartime-style mobilisation to make, distribute and inject vaccines, says the Financial Times’ Simon Kuper.
  5. Virus Outbreak-Antivax Rebranding

    Commentary: Will people really refuse a COVID-19 vaccine out of fear?

    However sceptical you claim to feel on social media, the jab might ease your worries about killing grandpa (or yourself), says the Financial ...
  6. Electon 2020 Trump

    Commentary: If Biden wins, what’s next for Trump – and Trumpism?

    Trumpism would survive Trump, but probably couldn’t win another election, says Simon Kuper.
  7. A Harvard student sits with her belongings before returning home on March 12, 2020, as students left

    Commentary: The coronavirus is sending universities back to school

    Online education won’t replace the in-person variety, but will complement it, says the Financial Times’ Simon Kuper.
  8. A steward looks at the empty Juventus stadium before the Serie A match against Inter Milan behind

    Commentary: COVID-19 - it’s harder to stay sane without sport

    For many, fandom is just an excuse to gather with others. In some families, the only tension-free topic of conversation is the team they all ...