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  1. A Harvard student sits with her belongings before returning home on March 12, 2020, as students left

    Commentary: The coronavirus is sending universities back to school

    Online education won’t replace the in-person variety, but will complement it, says the Financial Times’ Simon Kuper.
  2. A steward looks at the empty Juventus stadium before the Serie A match against Inter Milan behind

    Commentary: COVID-19 - it’s harder to stay sane without sport

    For many, fandom is just an excuse to gather with others. In some families, the only tension-free topic of conversation is the team they all ...
  3. A Saudi football fan tent in Riyadh shows a projector showing the World Cup match between Russia and

    Commentary: Saudi Arabia wants to muscle in on World Cup 2022. Will Qatar let it?

    The Saudis are also putting in billions into FIFA, says the Financial Times' Simon Kuper.
  4. Students attend a lesson on "Fake News: access, security and veracity of information" in

    Commentary: How one school is fighting fake news

    Financial Times' Simon Kuper visits a school in Brussels - and uncovers how they fight fake news.