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  1. FILE PHOTO: Picture illustration of a 3D printed Apple logo in front of a displayed stock graph

    Commentary: Investors, beware Apple’s impending share price crunch

    In 2019, Apple's financial strategy consisted primarily of repurchasing its own shares, which had the effect of boosting the stock price ...
  2. Deutsche Bank lays off staff in restructuring

    Commentary: Deutsche Bank job cuts are just tip of iceberg for finance industry

    A number of banks are doomed to fail if they don't adapt to the new realities of the finance industry, says IMD Business School's Arturo Bris.
  3. New Content Item

    Commentary: The dirty truth? Apple is no longer a growth stock

    It's not surprising to see headlines that blame Apple CEO Tim Cook for the fall in Apple's revenues but we mustn't believe them, says one IMD ...