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  1. bus contracting model was introduced in Singapore three years ago

    The Big Read: Bus contracting model has benefited drivers, commuters — but will the good times last?

    The bus contracting model represents a major overhaul of the public bus industry to address persistent grouses over route coverage and waiting times.
  2. Rising temperatures and erratic weather patterns have brought the effects of climate change

    The Big Read: Taking the climate fight beyond straws and tote bags — individual actions that matter

    While making changes to their lifestyle could significantly cut down Singaporeans’ average carbon emissions, several interviewed cited cost, ...
  3. Singapore office workers

    The Big Read: As headwinds grow, fresh grads adjust job expectations, embrace short-term contracts

    While companies that are growing are still keen to hire and groom young talent, the increasingly cautious outlook could dampen the rise of ...
  4. Marina Barrage

    The Big Read: To build a strong water-saving culture, S'pore needs more than recycled messages

    PUB's water conservation campaigns over the years have become a regular fixture since the first one in 1962 but are the messages just old water in ...
  5. Freelance performer Michelle Ler, 23, who has a part-time job as a dance instructor.

    The Big Read: For artistic millennials, making a living out of the arts is a craft in itself

    The arts scene in Singapore is evolving but have mindsets shifted sufficiently for young Singaporeans to be able to make a sustainable living out ...