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  1. What dinner might be made of in future.

    Crickets, algae, soya discard — 3 foods of the future, made in Singapore

    Food production is seeing an unprecedented wave of innovation, raising questions about whether eating processed lab food, for example, is a good idea.
  2. Why It Matters host Joshua Lim discovers how clutter in your digital space can have a marked impact.

    Digital clutter’s messing with your mind — here are 5 ways to ‘KonMari’ it

    We install more applications than we use and hoard too much data, putting ourselves at risk of not only cyber threats but also mental stress. Why ...
  3. Christian Calledo became a lechonero, someone who roasts whole pigs on a spit, without any training.

    The Cebuano who quit his lucrative job to roast pigs in Singapore

    Iskina Cebu saved owner Christian Calledo from a life he did not want, and his eatery's lechon dish has now created a mini Cebu away from home, as ...
  4. OTRD lift technicians main

    To keep HDB lifts working, they risk their safety time and again

    These lift technicians are exposed to occupational hazards like falls and electric shocks to ensure that residents have smooth and safe rides, as ...