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  1. Bell & Ross BR 05

    How did the tiny screw end up becoming a celebrated design motif on watches?

    Bezel screws were never meant as decoration. On the earliest wristwatches, they were functional, securing the glass to the case. Today, however, ...
  2. Adam Brown (Orlebar Brown)

    An ex-photographer’s surprising journey to create resort wear for James Bond

    CNA Luxury speaks to Adam Brown, founder of British swimwear label Orlebar Brown, on how his mid-life epiphany on the ugliness of men’s swim ...
  3. The Apple Watch Hermes Series 5 40mm with a double tour leather strap

    If you thought the luxury smartwatch was a one-off gimmick, think again

    They’re not for everyone, and certainly not even in the interests of most traditional watch brands, but the ones that are bravely forging ahead in ...
  4. H Moser-&-Cie Vantablack

    How one of the blackest substances on earth ended up in a luxury watch

    And no, it didn’t involve a spray can of black paint.
  5. What's next for the watch industry

    In a post-pandemic world, will you be able to purchase more watches online?

    For an industry so heavily reliant on the physical experience, will switching to e-commerce save watchmakers, distributors and retailers?
  6. New men's watch classics 2020

    The new classics: 5 men's watches from 2020 that will never go out of style

    In a post-pandemic world, flashy is out and sobriety is in. But conservatism doesn’t have to mean boring. In fact, these future classic timepieces ...
  7. Women's watches 2020

    ‘Twistie’ bracelets, hammered dials: 7 women’s watches that deserve a closer look

    The ladies want watches as multi-dimensional as they are, and these seven watchmakers are delivering them.
  8. Grande Complications 2020

    Why are watchmakers making crazy complicated watches in a time like this?

    In 2015, Vacheron Constantin built an S$11 million pocket watch, still the most complicated in the world. This year, it’s given us two close seconds.
  9. Green-Watches

    Why are watchmakers like Grand Seiko, IWC and Omega 'going green'?

    This year’s crop of mechanical watches sports green dials by the truckload. Could watchmakers be yearning for a closer connection to nature?
  10. Christophe Claret Trilogy

    Game on: This mechanical watch lets you play poker – with yourself

    For punters eager to take a wrist, Christophe Claret’s Poker watch should provide hours of entertainment.