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  1. Singapore economy trade port

    Commentary: Singapore ports and ships are turning the tide on climate change

    The lull in shipping activity, triggered by the COVID-19 crisis, presents an opportunity for the maritime industry to double down on ...
  2. A BlueSG electric car-sharing vehicle is parked at a charging station in a public housing estate in

    Commentary: Electric vehicles will take over Singapore. But here’s what must happen first

    Singapore has set a date to phase out petrol vehicles – 2040. But it must also put in place other missing pieces, speed up adoption and tackle ...
  3. Motorshow 2

    Commentary: Why Singapore is ripe for an electric vehicle revolution

    But we first need to get our act together on pricing in the carbon costs of regular cars and provide more information on where the charging points ...
  4. EV charging point 2

    Commentary: Where are all the electric vehicle charging points?

    Accessible infrastructure and incentives for drivers can push more to choose electric vehicles, says Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore’s ...