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Anthea Ong

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. sad, depressed, woman struggles with depression, mental health

    Commentary: Will you hire and retain persons with mental health conditions?

    With more people in Singapore experiencing a mental health issue in their lifetimes, NMP Anthea Ong says that employers can no longer ignore ...
  2. Shunfu Market woman in viral video

    Commentary: We declare a goal of ending mental health stigma yet viciously mock the woman at Shunfu Market

    A viral video of a man mocking the woman who yelled ‘I’m a sovereign’ at Shunfu market suggests we are not walking the talk when it comes to ...
  3. New Content Item

    Commentary: COVID-19 has revealed a new disadvantaged group among us – digital outcasts

    Instances from the ground reveal significant struggle in terms of digital literacy and skills, particularly among low-income households, the ...
  4. Push-up

    Commentary: What good is doing push-ups for mental health?

    The opportunity for real impact may be missing from the well-intentioned 25-day #pushupchallenge currently making its rounds in Singapore, says ...
  5. Elderly on wheelchair

    Commentary: Three stories from caregivers show we still undervalue caregiving

    We need a deeper conversation on how to support caregivers and provide them with the financial and psychological support they need, says Member of ...
  6. New Content Item

    Commentary: Working together towards a zero-suicide Singapore

    A goal of zero suicides seems implausible to achieve, but it’s about challenging myths and making resources accessible, says Nominated Member of ...
  7. canned food given out to needy

    Commentary: Reduce waste by redistributing food surplus to those in need

    Ensuring that food is not wasted and can be redistributed to those who are food-insecure must be a national vision, says NMP Anthea Ong.