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Ng Jun Sen

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. FILE PHOTO: Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Biden holds campaign event in Wilmington, Delawa

    The Big Read: A fractious America and a few urgent matters of global proportions await Joe Biden

    Joe Biden may have emerged a clear victor in one of the most bruising US presidential elections ever, but it could take some doing to shake off ...
  2. The Big Read: Some firms know normalcy is not returning

    The Big Read: Some firms know normalcy is not returning - the sooner everyone else realises it the better

    Singapore companies and workers have little choice but to swim with the tide brought upon by a pandemic-imposed new order, rather than continue to ...
  3. The Big Read SIA

    The Big Read: Floored by COVID-19, can SIA soar again? Fate of Singapore’s aviation hub rests on it

    With many airlines likely to shutter in the coming years, the pandemic is expected to lead to an industry-wide consolidation while the market shrinks.
  4. The Big Read - foreign workers in Singapore 1

    The Big Read: Solving Singapore’s foreign workers problem requires serious soul searching, from top to bottom

    Should society start questioning its reliance on low-cost foreign workers? Will the economy be able to cope with increased costs of raised standards?
  5. Temperature screening being conducted at Chingay 2020

    The Big Read: 17 years on, Singapore puts SARS lessons to the test in fight against Wuhan coronavirus

    While the plans are in place and some measures have kicked in, Singapore’s national strategy is still largely untested - since the Wuhan ...
  6. different telcos singapore today

    The Big Read: Singapore's big telcos face rude awakening, as the little guys get the last laugh

    With mobile revenues set to decline at a steeper rate for at least two more years, shareholder values and the jobs of many telco workers here ...
  7. New Content Item

    The Big Read: The long sting of the US-China tech war, as history threatens to repeat itself

    US placing China's Huawei on the export blacklist threatens to kick-start a technological cold war that will have far-reaching effects on the rest ...