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  1. Bandung's chicken controversy | Video
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    Bandung's chicken controversy | Video

    Indonesia's Bandung city is giving chicks to students in a bid to wean them off their smartphones. But animal rights activists and health experts ...
  2. View of Mount Parang
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    A hotel room on the face of a cliff on Indonesia's Gunung Parang | Video

    This hotel room on the sheer cliff face of Indonesia's Gunung Parang is 500m in the air, and there's only one way to get there - by scaling the ...
  3. Mount Parang Sky Lodge

    High in the sky: Cliff-edge hotel in Java a retreat from civilisation

  4. sop kaki kambing nivell
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    Sop kaki kambing with goat’s eyes, ears and brain? We tried it - here's our verdict

    Sop kaki kambing, or goat's leg soup, is a much-loved dish in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta - along with other parts of the goat, including ...