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Doris Lam

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. More than 800 infections had been confirmed in the last fortnight alone in Hong Kong

    Commentary: How did Hong Kong get to a third wave of COVID-19 infections?

    After a year of dealing with protests and months fighting the pandemic, Hong Kong residents have become nonchalant, says Doris Lam.
  2. FILE PHOTO: People with protective masks walk in front of Hong Kong's skyline

    Commentary: Hong Kong will keep its chin up this COVID-19 outbreak and enjoy the small things

    It hasn’t been easy since the city was hit with its first coronavirus case in January but we’re taking it slow, says Doris Lam.
  3. People wear masks as they walk at a marketplace in downtown following the outbreak of a new coronav

    Commentary: In Hong Kong, the COVID-19 outbreak sent shockwaves but could reinvigorate protests

    All eyes remain on the Hong Kong government, as frustration over Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s management risks opening another front in the Hong ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: Protesters clash with police outside Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) in Hong K

    Commentary: Surely separatism is not Hong Kong’s endgame?

    Six months of protests have dampened Hong Kongers' hopes for the future, knowing that the city will become part of China in 2047. But it doesn’t ...
  5. A train passenger gestures towards a Hong Kong protester

    Commentary: The fight behind closed doors at home in Hong Kong

    The city is torn over the protests and the struggle continues at home, among friends and in chat groups, says Doris Lam.
  6. Hong Kong was rocked by the worst political violence since its 1997 handover to China on Wednesday

    Commentary: How did Hong Kong, my home, turn into a war zone?

    Hong Kongers are quickly losing hope after a round of attacks by masked men unfolded this week, says Doris Lam.