Biography of the Author Charles Hankla

Charles Hankla

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Donald Trump -- seen here at a campaign rally in Arizona in October 2020 -- may launch a 2024 run on

    Commentary: Why Biden will find it hard to undo Trump’s ‘America First’ trade policy

    Joe Biden will have to manage both the populist right and the protectionist left, says Charles Hankla.
  2. TIkTok is at the center of a political dispute pitting US President Donald Trump against China,

    Commentary: After a stormy few years, verdict on Trump’s trade war with China is clear

    President Trump has managed to extract concessions from China where other presidents have failed. Sadly, these gains won’t last, says Charles Hankla.
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    Commentary: On the trade war, China's pain is not necessarily America's gain

    It has been nearly 18 months of escalating disputes between the US and China. Will Trump’s trade war with China ever end?