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Irene Hoe

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  1. ndp funpack 1

    Commentary: When that funpack becomes too much fun for our planet

    Let’s rethink whether we need a funpack at National Day Parades and what should go inside, says Irene Hoe.
  2. Singapore COVID-19 vaccine 5

    Commentary: This 71-year-old wants you to get a COVID-19 vaccine once you can. Here’s why

    A battle with polio, an annual fight with the flu and losing a friend to COVID-19 has made this plea incredibly personal, Irene Hoe says.
  3. E-scooter 01

    Commentary: E-scooter ban on footpaths – here’s a list of those who got off scot-free

    Electric scooters might be banned off footpaths but it’s letting many who should take responsibility for their externalities off the hook, says ...
  4. Japan elderly coder

    Commentary: Navigating the new road to modern elderhood

    A conversation among three friends suggests the modern elder has a role in the workplace, says Irene Hoe.
  5. Working with a property agent to deal with paperwork

    Commentary: When do you really need a property agent?

    A controversial case involving a property agent suspended for unethical behaviour has provoked discussion over whether it’s better to sell your ...