Biography of the Author Yew Wei Lit

Yew Wei Lit

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. People hold placards as they attend a candlelight vigil ahead of the 31st anniversary of the crackd

    Commentary: The intractable tug of war between China and Hong Kong

    Beijing feels compelled to respond strongly to bring Hong Kong to heel, while Hong Kongers feel forced to defend the rights they have against a ...
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    Commentary: The Hong Kong rain on Beijing’s parade as China turns 70

    Chinese leaders want to emphasise China’s dramatic transformation into a rising superpower and will do their best not to let the Hong Kong protest ...
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    Commentary: The deepening crisis over the Hong Kong protests

    Is Beijing running out of patience? And what can quell the protests? Amid a stormy outlook, Yale-NUS’ Yew Wei Lit discusses what an endgame could ...