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Tessa Oh

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Migrant worker in dorm

    The Big Read: Grappling with isolation, migrant workers in dorms long for a return to the wider community

    While the vast majority of the Singapore population has been experiencing many twists and turns over the past 15 months, as community restrictions ...
  2. The Big Read May 15 1

    The Big Read: Frontline healthcare workers pushed to limits by non-stop, never-ending COVID-19 fight

    A common refrain among healthcare workers interviewed is that a big part of the psychological toll comes from not knowing what to expect when ...
  3. The Big Read: Goodbye T-score, goodbye PSLE stress? 1

    The Big Read: Goodbye T-score, goodbye PSLE stress? Not so fast, as anxious parents size up new scoring system

    Based on interviews with parents and their children, more often than not, it is the adults who appear to be more anxious than their kids taking ...
  4. Big Read Sep 12 Parti Liyani Anil Balchandani

    The Big Read: For migrant workers in trouble, navigating Singapore’s legal system can be a challenge

    Parti Liyani's conviction and subsequent acquittal have shone the spotlight on the challenges migrant workers here could face in getting access to ...
  5. The Big Read 200311 Bullying

    The Big Read: No child’s play when it comes to stamping out bullying in schools

    Teachers interviewed say tackling bullying in schools is not so straightforward and their approach may also not always satisfy parents. Not only ...
  6. BIG READ old workers

    The Big Read: The job struggles of some middle-aged Singaporeans, as Government sends more help their way

    Workers in their 40s and 50s today face greater job insecurity due to Singapore’s ongoing economic restructuring efforts to raise skills and ...
  7. today big read ok boomer

    The Big Read: What ‘OK boomer’ reveals about the divide between Singapore millennials and their elders

    Interviews with millennials and boomers in Singapore found that intergenerational quarrel had already broken out here long before the meme found ...
  8. Mr Ong Ai Wah skips meals to save enough to provide for his family

    The Big Read: Unable to make ends meet on their own, low-income households find ways to get by

    Observers and experts noted that it remains a challenge for the Government and the community to reach out to low-income households who may be ...