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  1. Curator Tour Singapore Art Museum

    Commentary: Museums and performing arts turned to Zoom to survive. But spectators find the experience frustrating

    Technology allowed us to enjoy things we didn’t know we could during COVID-19. But a computer screen simply cannot capture certain activities and ...
  2. China is set to become the world's second largest wine consumer by 2021

    Commentary: Can China produce grape wine as fine as the French?

    China produces everything from furniture to phones but can it crack the fine wine market dominated by European nations for centuries? This ...
  3. New Content Item

    Commentary: Missing the thrill of dressing up for work as a man

    Though working from home has freed men from the strictures of the suit, there are advantages to maintaining professional style standards, says ...
  4. British actor Roger Moore, best known for playing 007 in the Bond films, died in May 2017

    Commentary: My favourite James Bond? Roger Moore. Nobody played the British spy better

    It’s the seventies 007’s recognition of the character’s ridiculousness that makes Roger Moore the best James Bond of all time, says Christian Barker.