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Anne-Marie Slaughter

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  1. US China

    Commentary: The broader dialogue the US-China relationship needs

    Broader dialogue with greater room for cooperation, underpinned by strong, personal relationships can help both sides strike a better balance in ...
  2. Biden

    Commentary: America has a chance to repair diplomacy. Don't squander it

    Biden wants diplomacy at the centre of US foreign policy – but that requires a revamp of American institutions, say Anne-Marie Slaughter and ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: People protest after a Black man identified as Jacob Blake was shot several times by po

    Commentary: America needs a government without the drama or disaster

    At a time when the United States and other democracies need solidarity, the resulting civic turmoil and division are being fed by populism, say ...
  4. New Content Item

    Commentary: COVID-19 will redefine the meaning of national security

    The definition of national security must be narrowed to distinguish it from global and military security, says Anne-Marie Slaughter.
  5. stock mobile phone cbd 01

    Commentary: Human capital is highly valued, but HR professionals are not

    HR professionals are viewed as lacking business acumen and being in charge of “office housework”, but technology is changing their role, say two ...
  6. File photo of Google app

    Commentary: Why having access to your Google and Facebook data can be life-changing

    In places where no alternative record exists, or where records have been destroyed by conflict or disaster, our data trail can help unlock ...
  7. Alabama teenager turned Islamic State militant Hoda Muthana's world was transformed through

    Commentary: Islamic State militant group ran an info war ‘like a viral marketing campaign’

    Publicity is the lifeblood of all terrorist groups, say Anne-Marie Slaughter and Asha C Castleberry.