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  1. Arrivals at the "Tech for Good" Summit in Paris

    Commentary: Alibaba makes a whopping US$28 billion bet on its next breakthrough act

    But it comes as no surprise that Alibaba is betting big on the cloud to maintain competitiveness at home and make a play for overseas markets, ...
  2. Employees work on a medical supply production line at a factory in Huaian

    Commentary: On sick leave, but China still makes great leap forward in Med Tech

    This COVID-19 outbreak has turbocharged the rise of digital healthcare platforms and solutions to aid healthcare workers, says Mark Greeven.
  3. FILE PHOTO: A staff member carrying sanitizing equipment walks past a closed cinema at a shopping m

    Commentary: COVID-19 proving to be a business opportunity for some companies

    Faced with the prospect of empty cinemas, a Chinese movie studio radically changed its film distribution approach, says an observer.
  4. Composite picture of tech and manufacturing firms in China.

    Commentary: The new wave of Chinese tech champions you never heard of but should know

    In China, many tech start-ups are quietly working away to create the next tsunami of disruption, says IMD Business School’s Dr Mark Greeven.