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  1. Guest actor Andrew Lua does a dramatisation of the types of parents in a class WhatsApp group chat.

    The low-down on parents’ WhatsApp group chats: Are they becoming toxic?

    Some users describe these group chats as useful, others decry the parents with a competitive mindset. So stay or leave? Talking Point deliberates ...
  2. Once the larvae of the fall armyworm moth become big, they eat through chunks of leaves.

    How a ‘worm’ might affect prices of cereal, toothpaste and chicken rice

    An invasive species from the Americas has spread to Asia, ravaging cornfields and threatening the food supply chain. For Food’s Sake! has a closer ...
  3. Pork is Singapore’s second favourite meat, with more than 126,000 tonnes imported last year.

    What's making pork more expensive? There's a fatty belly factor

    Pork prices in Singapore have increased steadily owing to trends ranging from changing consumer preferences to rising oil prices, as For Food’s Sake!