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  1. The Big Read - foreign workers in Singapore 1

    The Big Read: Solving Singapore’s foreign workers problem requires serious soul searching, from top to bottom

    Should society start questioning its reliance on low-cost foreign workers? Will the economy be able to cope with increased costs of raised standards?
  2. big read 1

    The Big Read: Singapore's oft-maligned millennials face their first crisis

    Among the more than a dozen millennials, those who have lost jobs or business revenues in the past few weeks said the old adage of “saving for a ...
  3. Many pedestrians gave the thumbs up for the ban while e-scooter users were wringing their hands

    The Big Read: After the sound and fury, the dust settles on e-scooter footpath ban

    Have the actions of some black sheep caused authorities to enact a ban to the chagrin of responsible users? E-scooter food deliverers and users ...
  4. Retrenchment numbers in recent years remain relatively low

    The Big Read: Layoffs part and parcel of any business, but not all firms let workers go with dignity

    In the age of disruption where industries could be turned on their heads overnight, it could be said that workers need to be better prepared for ...