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  1. Orang Asli Fund 05

    Commentary: Malaysia a kinder and stronger society six months into COVID-19 fight

    As Malaysia shifts into a new phase of its COVID-19 fight, ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute’s Kevin Zhang shares reflections of how the country has ...
  2. Malaysian politicians and King

    Commentary: The Chini by-election is the first test for Malaysia’s new coalition government

    Despite the absence of Pakatan Harapan, the contest will be a window into the intra-coalition dynamics within Perikatan Nasional, says Kevin Zhang.
  3. Najib Razak (1)

    Commentary: A manis victory in East Malaysia for a resurgent Barisan Nasional

    Instead of the Sabah Temporary Pass, dissatisfaction over developmental matters emerges as the more likely reason that accounts for the defeat of ...
  4. Wee Jeck Seng

    Commentary: A multiracial Malaysian agenda is not only necessary. It is desirable

    A look at how polling districts voted suggest lessons for both the ruling Pakatan Harapan and the opposition Barisan Nasional, says the ISEAS - ...