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Jyoti Somani

Jyoti Somani

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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    Commentary: Hot and humid weather may end the novel coronavirus – as well as the development of a vaccine

    Cases may fall sharply by May, when temperatures in China warm up, say Dr Jyoti Somani and Professor Paul Tambyah.
  2. People wearing protective face mask at Orchard Road

    Commentary: The ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic could unfold

    The COVID-19 situation has seen large outbreaks, and is now a pandemic. There are some scenarios as to how this will play out, say Dr Jyoti Somani ...
  3. Tourists walking along the Cavenagh Bridge

    Commentary: COVID-19 may be a mild illness for most people

    But it is too early to conclude on the death rate and infectivity of COVID-19 as its transmission is still unpredictable, say Professor Paul ...