Biography of the Author Abhiram V Subramaniam

Abhiram V Subramaniam

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Talking Point host Diana Ser becomes a cleaner for four hours.

    What would make Singaporeans return their trays? How about a siren?

    Diners in hawker centres often assume that it is the cleaners’ responsibility to clean up after them. Could technology or monetary pressure change ...
  2. What's in the pools can affect children as some are more susceptible to skin irritation than adults.

    What’s being done to clean swimming pools and what you can do, like showering

    Singapore’s public pools are generally safe, but swimmers may take hygiene for granted as chlorine is used as a disinfectant. Even not showering ...
  3. Regular soap, the antibacterial kind or an alcohol handwash? Talking Point puts them to the test.

    Is antibacterial soap better at killing germs, hands down?

    Since the Covid-19 outbreak, people have been encouraged to wash their hands for good hygiene. But what kind of cleaning agent works best? Talking ...
  4. Have smartphone, will share — as seen on TikTok, which is popular among domestic workers right now.

    When mobile phone usage comes between employers and domestic workers

    From sexy selfies to oversharing information online, the way some helpers use their phones is making some employers uneasy. Talking Point finds ...