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  1. Lab-grown siew mai. With the right set-up, the dish could be grown in people's homes too.

    Grow meat at home from stem cells? It’s coming, says Shiok Meats CEO

    Sandhya Sriram is confident that people will be able to make their own meats. Before that happens, her company is taking its lab-grown shrimp to ...
  2. Many hope that a vaccine will be the magic bullet to fight COVID-19. What are the chances?

    When can you get a COVID-19 vaccine? Five things you should know

    Researchers are accelerating what usually takes 10 to 15 years so that a vaccine could be ready by next year. But it is no easy task, so what do ...
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    Japan needs to apologise more, China needs to say thank you more, says famed prof

    Ezra Vogel, one of the most respected East Asian scholars, gives his take on Sino-Japanese relations ahead of Chinese President Xi Jingping’s ...