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  1. (rp) Jekyll & Hyde owner

    Cocktail bar Jekyll & Hyde to reopen after teaming up with cafe in 'innovative' move

    It’s partnered with Cheeky along Neil Road, where the two F&B businesses will be serving up drinks and burgers in one space from Jun 20.
  2. CNA Insider Video: Debt Collectors VS Loan Sharks
    Media playtime

    Debt Collectors VS Loan Sharks: Explained

    Can the police help when someone owes you money? Many legal debt collectors get mistaken for loansharks or their runners who vandalise and use ...
  3. John Lim and Winston Chin from KX-Unit while visiting a debtor's house before the circuit breaker.

    ‘O$P$’ threats? Why empathy and reason guide these debt collectors, COVID-19 or no

    If you want to recover a debt by sending in the goons, don’t bother with Rocket Debt Collection and KX-Unit. Having a heart is an important part ...
  4. TFX gym circuit breaker

    Commentary: When gyms finally reopen, can we get rid of toxic gym culture?

    Many of us miss the gym, but let’s not bring back an obsessive culture of aspiring towards an ideal fitness lifestyle. By being kinder to our ...
  5. COVID19 recovered migrant workers cover

    Recovered from COVID-19, migrant workers live on a cruise ship and in an HDB flat

    Former dormitory residents like Pugal may be resting easier, but they still grapple with uncertainty. Part 3 of a series on Singapore's migrant ...
  6. When will bars reopen?

    Commentary: I miss my regular bar – but I accept I might never get to return, even after circuit breakers are lifted

    Our F&B scene is partly shaped by consumers’ habits and desires, so perhaps our nostalgia for certain places and experiences will help revive the ...