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Wellian Wiranto

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  1. The long-running trade war between China and the US has seen them swap tariffs on goods worth

    Commentary: US-China trade, once the thorn in bilateral ties, could now be the solution

    It’s crucial to watch US-China trade numbers now, more than ever, as they could thaw the impasse in bilateral relations, says Wellian Wiranto.
  2. Malaysia economy

    Commentary: Malaysia's economy has surprised many despite COVID-19. But for how long more?

    Demand from consumers underpinned the economy’s resilience in the first quarter but an over-reliance on private consumption is also cause for ...
  3. Malaysia's Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad speaks during an interview with Reuters in Putrajaya

    Commentary: Malaysia’s political carousel brings a hit to its economy

    The country’s political uncertainty could force its central bank to slash interest rates in March, says Wellian Wiranto.