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Jaime Lim

Contributor to CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. In Focus illustration of a fresh graduate

    Commentary: Fresh grads should see short-term contracts, internships as stepping stones

    For those looking for job security, short-term contracts and internships may seem like a last resort. If approached with the right mindset though, ...
  2. Asian businessman talking to colleague on web meeting. (Photo: iStock)

    Commentary: Fresh grads with no full-time work experience need unconventional methods to land a job

    The current crisis has made the task of landing a job even more daunting. PeopleSearch's Jaime Lim says just sending in resumes isn't enough and ...
  3. woman on imac at home office desk

    Commentary: Why employers should cover WFH expenses

    To attract and retain talent in this post-COVID world of work, employers should seriously consider reimbursing remote workers’ expenses, says ...
  4. Office discussion meeting

    Commentary: Hire an arts graduate to formulate business strategy. Why not?

    With several new autonomous universities emerging in the last few years and a new arts university on the horizon, employers must embrace ...
  5. Office discussion meeting

    Commentary: COVID-19 - time for businesses and workers to have the guts to embrace the new normal

    Companies should focus on what it would take to build enduring business models and HR practices, while workers should be more open-minded about ...
  6. Woman typing on a laptop

    Commentary: The time of introverts has come as firms ramp up work-from-home arrangements

    Considering the world is made up of introverts, extroverts and even ambiverts, it would make sense for workplaces to adopt a nuanced approach to ...
  7. COVID-19 office workers Raffles Place (9)

    Commentary: Tough times are no excuse for callous retrenchments

    The economic fallout from COVID-19 is unprecedented. All the more reason for retrenchments to be managed with an unprecedented level of empathy ...
  8. Workers at Raffles Place - crop plastic bag guy out of pic on request

    Commentary: Even in a recession, lowballing job seekers is not only poor form but also poor strategy

    It’s understandable that employers in a crisis offer lower salaries, but those who go overboard risk tarnishing their reputations and losing ...
  9. Singapore COVID-19 virus office workers

    Commentary: No worker is untrainable. Employers have to step up to help

    The words 'upskill' and 'retrain' accompany almost every report on jobs. PeopleSearch’s Jaime Lim weighs in on how companies can work with ...
  10. NUS graduation 2

    Commentary: Let’s stop overstating the value of a university degree beyond your first job

    The COVID-19 crisis has accentuated the importance of certain skills and traits for professional success, and shown that degrees aren’t the sole ...