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Lye Wai Leng

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  1. Many of the shops in Tanglin Halt have been around since the neighbourhood was built in the 1960s.

    A trip down memory lane in Tanglin Halt, soon to be demolished

    What will be lost, and what has already changed in one of Singapore’s oldest districts? Residents and business owners share their stories with the ...
  2. One of the vendors at the Sungei Road market, which was Singapore’s largest and oldest flea market.

    The former Sungei Road market vendors: Where are they now?

    Some vendors, relocated both near and far, are trying to keep memories of the place alive. The programme On The Red Dot finds out what has ...
  3. Tamimi Pohan has brittle bones and wishes for independence. Some smart tech help is on the way.

    Is technology up to helping the disabled with problems of daily living?

    Smart home devices and mobile apps have advanced and changed lives, but how far can they go to help persons with physical disabilities? The series ...