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  1. TCC Ravi Menon 2

    Climate change both an existential risk and an opportunity for the financial sector: MAS chief Ravi Menon

    Climate change and sustainability will be the “predominant preoccupation” of business and finance. Central bank chief Ravi Menon explains how ...
  2. Singapore plans a carbon tax on facilities such as petrochemical plants

    In pushing for climate policy, Louis Ng recognises need for trade-offs and to cushion impact on businesses

    The chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) on Sustainability and the Environment pushed a major motion on climate change in ...
  3. Chan Heng Chee Yale-NUS

    'I was an accidental ambassador': Chan Heng Chee on being a female icon, the sacrifices she made and Singapore’s changing politics

    Speaking about her new book World in Transition on the Heart of the Matter podcast, Professor Chan also touched on women in leadership, how ...
  4. Business economy class travel noob (1)

    Commentary: Our flights of fancy have stopped but were they all that romantic anyway?

    If there’s one industry that has been crushed under the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the aviation sector. Looks like no one is going ...
  5. Photo: Unsplash Myna

    Commentary: Battling with the mynas who come into my home and won't leave

    There have been sightings of animals venturing out to urban spaces. The myna has been more than a regular visitor in this writer's home.
  6. Chong Pang

    Commentary: Seeing Singapore in a Chong Pang hair salon

    While a brand new integrated mall with swimming pools and gyms may be an important part of urban rejuvenation, there is something special about an ...
  7. Work from home tools

    Commentary: COVID-19 has stripped work to bare bones - was all that excess needed anyway?

    The coronavirus outbreak has transformed the working world. But the biggest question may be what took us so long to make that leap into remote ...
  8. Take-away food illustration

    Commentary: We are becoming a 'dabao nation' – why does it feel like a bad thing?

    With COVID-19, our eating habits have changed – where we used to converge for meals, we now order in. This new world betrays a generational ...
  9. Jewel glampcation Forest Valley

    Commentary: Glamping at Jewel Changi Airport - where’s the fun in that?

    Setting up tent in the middle of a mall may sound fun but it takes away many things that are good about traditional camping, says CNA’s Crispina ...
  10. Child using laptop computer - file photo

    Commentary: Home-based learning is strange, new ground. But we can conquer that too

    COVID-19 is forcing a digital revolution in education but that is a good thing, says Crispina Robert.