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Crispina Robert

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  1. Take-away food illustration

    Commentary: We are becoming a 'dabao nation' – why does it feel like a bad thing?

    With COVID-19, our eating habits have changed – where we used to converge for meals, we now order in. This new world betrays a generational ...
  2. Business economy class travel noob (1)

    Commentary: Our flights of fancy have stopped but were they all that romantic anyway?

    If there’s one industry that has been crushed under the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the aviation sector. Looks like no one is going ...
  3. Work from home tools

    Commentary: COVID-19 has stripped work to bare bones - was all that excess needed anyway?

    The coronavirus outbreak has transformed the working world. But the biggest question may be what took us so long to make that leap into remote ...
  4. Child using laptop computer - file photo

    Commentary: Home-based learning is strange, new ground. But we can conquer that too

    COVID-19 is forcing a digital revolution in education but that is a good thing, says Crispina Robert.