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  1. Thailand Protests

    Commentary: The Milk Tea Alliance sweeping through Thailand is a force to be reckoned with

    What started as an online war of words between Chinese and Thai netizens over a celebrity’s tweet has ballooned into a regional movement, says ...
  2. An illustration photo shows a person using the video-sharing app TikTok on a smartphone in New Delhi

    Commentary: Is national security a good reason to ban TikTok?

    Indian and US lawmakers may be influenced by factors beyond national security in cracking down on TikTok, say observers.
  3. One viral video urged fans of the South Korean group BTS -- whose admirers are shown here before a

    Commentary: K-pop’s hardcore fans are propelling social movements, but have blind spots

    There’s a growing desire among youth to pair fandom with activism, but such a movement is vulnerable, says Dymples Leong.
  4. A woman uses her phone in a Mass Rapid Transit train in Kuala Lumpur

    Commentary: Telegram, the powerful COVID-19 choice of communications by many governments

    Telegram has many features that drive its popularity and has been a vital tool for governments in combating this 'infodemic', say observers.